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Annexure III UNION BANK OF INDIA - DATA UPDATION FORM UNDER KYC COMPLIANCE Name Address Customer ID Account No. There is No Change in my current address My mailing address is to be changed as under Flat No/Bldg/Soc Road Name Land mark City State PIN Mobile NO Tel Office Residence E-main Id Father s Name Date of birth DDMMYYYY PAN No. Or Form 60/61 Tick appropriate Proof of documents submitted NRE Country of Residence Occupation of Individual Be specific Constitution Individual Annual Income...
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. Ltd. Limited Company Limited Liability Partnership Inc. Company Corporation Company Trust Co Ltd Trust Company Limited Company Other Companies Other Organisations Organisation / group Business/corporation / enterprise / organisation Company No. Business, Business /corporation / enterprise / organisation / business/corporation Business, Inc. Company, Inc. Company, Limited Company Small Company Limited Company Business, Ltd. Co. Ltd. Limited Co. Ltd. Co Ltd. Limited Co. Ltd. Co Ltd. Business Limited Partnership Ltd Co Ltd Business, Limited Company Business, Ltd Ltd Company Corporation Company LLC Company Partnership Ltd Co Limited Co Ltd LLC Company Limited Company Business Corporation Business Limited Corporation Entity Company Corporation Co Limited Company Business Corporation Company Limited Company Corporation Corporation Business Company Corporation Corporation Corporation Company Corporation Business Corporation Company Corporation Limited Company Corporation Corporation Corporation, limited Company Entity Corporation Limited Company Business Corporation Company Corp. Business, LLC Co Limited Co LLP Business, Corp Corporation Corporation Corporation Limited Company Company Corporation Corporation Business Corporation Corporation Corporation Corporation Corporation Corporation Entity, LLC Co Ltd Ltd Co Limited Company Company Company Corporation You are required to furnish the bank a copy of the identity proof of the person you are replacing. Additional Information Additional Information Please verify the details you have entered below with the attached documents. Information which you don't have is either not provided or not required to be supplied. Your Name : Your Address : Your Postal Code : Your Country of Residence : Your Telephone No. : Your Email No. : Your Home City : Your Home State: Your Home Postal Code : Your Home Country: Information regarding Income : Information regarding Liability : Information regarding Organisation : Information regarding Business : Information regarding Corporation : Contact Details :<|endoftext|>It's a great time to be a gamer as the games industry is seeing a steady increase in sales and it's not just video games; the console generation and mobile phone/tablet generation continue to propel the industry's sales. And with that is also a constant battle for console sales. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all come out of their quiet periods with console announcements in order to show the gaming community that a brand or console is more than just a video game machine. So which console maker sold the best for Nintendo last generation? According to the latest data from VGChartz, that answer's going to be… Yes, that's right. Nintendo sold more consoles than Sony
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Hello and welcome back to how to bank today we are going to see how to log in to Union Bank of India for first time when you open an account with Union Bank of India they provide ATM card and passbook and based on your account ID you will get other information also there is an SMS send when you register first time your mobile number with Union Bank of India while opening the account so let's get started go to Union Bank online dot co dot in as shown on the screen and click on self user creation on this screen input your ATM card number input the pin if you want to use the virtual key you can click on the radio button input your account number enter either your date of birth or pan number whichever you have in your hand I am going to enter date of birth after inputting date of birth input transaction amount of last five transactions you can also get transaction details on your registered mobile number by sending SMS to the number shown on the screen and the text should be um NS since I have opened the account with one thousand rupees I will input transaction amount as one thousand and transaction type as credit after that select the facility type whether you want to use this login for view only or view and transaction I am going to click on view and transaction after that input the verification text and accept the terms if all the information is filled in click on submit if all the information is correct you will receive a user ID and name as per bank's record verify the details and click on continue now you will get a screen to create your password for Union Bank of India there are two passwords required one is login password and other is transaction password please note the conditions for creating the passwords minimum of six characters maximum of 14 characters your password cannot be same as pass 3 passwords since you are creating password for first time the condition v is not valid you cannot have the name your name as part of password it can have both combination of number and alphabets, so I am going to now create a login password for this account followed by transaction password and click on submit you can also use virtual keyboard after successful creating the password you will get this message as appearing on the screen and your account can be used through Union Bank online banking after two working days after two working days we can now log in to Union Bank online banking go to Union Bank online dot co dot I N and click on retail user or corporate user login I am going to click on retail user read the message from the bank and click on continue input the user ID we created and the login password you can also use virtual keyboard by clicking here click on login after inputting the password after that scroll down and accept the terms and conditions of the bank and click on agree you will get a message that password is change successful click here to go to banking homepage this will open your online banking you can read the various options...
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